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Program of the Meeting


  1. Agricultural and environmental issues connected with sulfur
  2. Sulfur metabolism and its interaction with other metabolic pathways
  3. Sulfur containing metabolites in the food chain
  4. Sensing, signaling and regulation of sulfur metabolism

Program topics

  • Influence of sulfur nutrition on plant yield and performance
  • Sulfur-containing compounds and plant response to biotic and abiotic stresses; agricultural, environmental and molecular approaches
  • Sulfur-related compounds involved in heavy metal tolerance and accumulation
  • Sulfur metabolism and remediation
  • Sulfate transport, acquisition and allocation; interactions with other nutrients
  • Interactions between sulfur, nitrogen and carbon metabolism
  • Metabolism and role of glutathione
  • S-containing compounds and secondary metabolites in plants
  • Sulfur metabolism in plants in relation to S metabolism in bacteria, fungi and animals
  • Importance of sulfur nutrition for human and animal health and well-being
  • "Omics" and in silico approaches applied for understanding sulfur metabolism in plants
  • Regulation of sulfur assimilation and metabolism on multiples levels
  • Genetic engineering of sulfur metabolism in plants
  • Control of sulfur flux